iPad App of the Week: Mobile Banking – Bigger Than Ever Before with the New Bank of America App

Normally, a banking app wouldn’t be cause for that much excitement, but the iPad changes things a little. The Bank of America iPad app is designed just for the larger size of the Apple tablet, making full use of the screen. You can view all of your accounts simultaneously on one screen, making transfers and payments a lot smoother and faster. The enhanced calendar is another nice feature, giving you full details of all of your scheduled payments and transfers. As of now, you can’t edit schedule payments or transfers through the app, but you figure that has to be coming in an update at some point down the road. As a last little bonus, the app uses GPS functionality to find the closest branch, rather than making you search by zip code. It’s a pretty robust banking app, and the iPad’s size makes it easy and slick to use. Check it out for free from the iTunes App Store.

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