Beyonce Takes Album 4 Leak in Stride

It’s becoming more and more difficult for an artist to keep a secret, especially when they have a new album coming out. The latest such celeb victim is Beyonce, whose upcoming album entitled “4” has been leaked on the internet. The album is making its rounds online, even though the official release date isn’t until June 28th.

Fortunately for Beyonce, her fans’ response to the leak has been positive – people listening to the illegally leaked music are saying good things about the music on the album. And despite it all, Beyonce has reacted positively too.

“My music was leaked and while this is not how I wanted to present my new songs, I appreciate the positive response from my fans. When I record music I always think about my fans singing every note and dancing to every beat. I make music to make people happy and I appreciate that everyone has been so anxious to hear my new songs.”


Beyonce isn’t the only artist that has recently suffered from early album leaks. Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album also made its rounds online before its official release. But that didn’t stop the album from selling like hot cakes when it was finally released. Granted, Lady Gaga did come up with a million or so unique ways to promote the album and get people to actually purchase it.

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  1. Everybody go to Youtube.  Beyonce and Nicky Minaj are on a rermix of her leading single Run the World Girls together.  This guy name Fyuchur produced it.  Its Hot!!  Both of their fans love it

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