BlackBerry App of the Week: crunchSMS Takes Aim at BlackBerry Messenger

If you really can’t stomach BlackBerry Messenger, but love your BlackBerry too much to let go, you can try another one of the bevy of chat applications out there. You can start with this free one – crunchSMS. Of course, the best part is that you can send texts for free to other phones, including iPhones and Android phones. There’s also more customization options, including text bubble background colors and automatic signatures. Overall, the UI looks like a cross between the iPhone’s text messaging app and the Facebook contact list, which isn’t groundbreaking, but isn’t a bad thing, either. There have been a few reported problems with MMS delivery, which is worth keeping in mind. There’s no paid version of the app, so you can grab crunchSMS for free and try it out and see if it clicks with you. It’s available now on BlackBerry App World.

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