Cartier iPad Cases Go Nicely with a Cartier Watch

Cartier knows how to style ladies with jewels, now it wants to dress up your iPad with a new case. The Cartier Les Must collection features not one, but three different colored iPad cases. Cartier is no stranger to to making high-end accessories for your gadgets. Just last year it debuted a collection of pricey iPhone 4 cases that ranged in a variety of colors.

It is honestly mind-boggling how much people are willing to spend on iPad cases and it is even more absurd how much these luxury retailers are willing to charge! The official name of the cases are Digital Device Holder  Compatible With The iPad. Now try and say that three times fast… Cartier’s collection of iPad compatible cases consist of Fuchsia, black, and camel goatskin. Each case can be positioned in three different ways and has an embossed Cartier signature on the front of it. The interior also features a microfiber lining. The price for one of this exalted cases – $420! Better start dumping that extra change into the Coinstar machine..

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