Case-Mate Releases $300 Titanium iPhone 4 Case

Case-Mate has come out with a very pricey iPhone 4 case, and it’s not made of gold, nor is it covered in Swarovski crystals. Instead, this bumper-style case is made of Titanium. The Titanium iPhone 4 case “combines detailed precision work with premium materials by physically reframing the iPhone with a genuine titanium edge.” In other words, it has actually been crafted from a single piece of titanium and it’s super durable.

A tool kit is included with the case, so you’ll have to actually screw it on to your iPhone using a mini-screw driver and screws. We have seen this kind of case before with the Element case, which also sported a similar bumper style design and the need to physically screw the case onto the iPhone 4. But Case-Mate’s Titanium case is less flashier, and looks to be hardier. The Titanium iPhone 4 Case is available for both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 models and will be available soon for $300.

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