Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD Makes Skype Calls Even More Realistic

Creative is making some news today with the new Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD for video and voice. The perfect compliment for making videos calls using Skype. The Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD, features an integrated an H.264 video encoding processor, ensuring the fastest possible video frame rate for HD video calling and alleviating the problem of choppy video. The Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD also features crystal-clear voice through the implementation of Creative’s quad mic array – the mics are spaced across the nine-inch flat-panel surface of the camera. This quad mic implementation coupled with Creative’s noise-canceling technology pretty much removes any hint of ambient noise allowing the user to be heard with great clarity. Now the real challenge will be to find those who actually want to purchase a new webcam versus just using the one on their computer...The Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD will be available for US$149.99 at creative.com.

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