Build Your Own Custom Dalek Replica and EXTERMINATE!

It was just a few days ago that we reported about the lucky little kid whose dad and grand-kid built him a life-size replica of Doctor Who’s TARDIS for his birthday. But what is an adult Doctor Who fan to do if they aren’t lucky enough to have such talented patriarchs? Well, you could always order up a custom made Dalek Replica for five grand! This Dalek Replica is hand-built to order, using the original molds and specifications from the BBC props department. We’re talking about a life-sized 5 foot, 3″ inches tall alien robot, with ball jointed arms, and a rotating dome. The Dalek is even built on small casters for easy movement – and it is available in a range of “classic” colors too. We don’t suppose they have a pink option available? 

Can you imagine setting up one of these in your entry way or living room? It could be the perfect way to get rid of unwanted house guests. Heck, if we had nothing to do with our money we’d line our office up with a few of these handsome fellas and use them to keep interns in check.

The officially licensed, custom built to order Dalek replicas are available now from Firebox.