Disney Spotlight Brings Karaoke to the iPad 2

Karaoke on the iPad seems like such a natural fit. So it’s a wonder why there hasn’t until now, been any serious accessories to come out for it.  Well that is about to change now that Disney is coming out with Disney Spotlight. Disney Spotlight is actually designed for kids, but it looks like it might be enough fun to even entertain some adults. Each Disney Spotlight kit comes with a mic that attaches to the iPad via the iPad’s dock connector. Using the Disney Spotlight App, kids can sing along to their favorite Disney music, or they can also sing along to music housed inside of their own iTunes library. The Spotlight app also features several neat tricks like the ability to fine-tune the karaoke experience by lowering vocals, pitch, etc. The app itself will be available to download for free. The game comes with 10 unlockable Disney Channel hits, but the Disney Spotlght App also offers additional songs to purchase. To top it all off, kids can even use the app to create music videos and share the videos with friends.

Disney Spotlight will retail for $79.99 to $99.99 and will be available with both a wired mic, or a wireless mic which can connect to the iPad via a wireless dongle. Expect it to show up on store shelves come Fall, with Apple.com being one of the first to sell it.

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