iPhone App of the Week: eBay Fashion Cuts Out the Unnecessary Parts of eBay

You can find a lot of things on eBay. You can buy sets of paper clips. You can even buy a man’s soul. Sometimes, you don’t want paper clips or a man’s soul, though. Sometimes, you just want clothes – good, fashionable clothes. Lucky you – now there’s eBay Fashion, a free iPhone app that includes fashions from the best designers in the world in one easy to browse place. Finding the fashions you want is simple, and works much like the regular eBay app, but there are some pretty cool extras in this app. It uses augmented reality to let you ‘try things on’ – you can use your phone’s camera to actually see how a pair of sunglasses will look on you before you buy them online. You can search through millions of listings for new and used clothes, and save items to your closet – like a wish list, but you can use it to put together outfits to your liking, and buy all the things that make up your favorite new outfit in one fell swoop. Online shopping’s never looked so fashionable!

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