Otterbox Cases Protect Your HTC EVO When the 3D Gets too Intense

The HTC EVO 3D just came out and Otterbox has already got you covered. Because we all need a tough case to protect our phone when the 3D images that the EVO displays gets too much to handle.

Otterbox has given us not one, but three different cases to choose from. The Defender Series for HTC EVO 3D, the Commuter Series for HTC EVO 3D, and the Impact Series for HTC EVO 3D. Each one differs in price as well as defense.  The most rugged of all the cases is the defender series which features a shatter-resistant shell with a built-in touch screen protector; and a exterior silicone skin that absorbs impact from intense drops.

The OtterBox Commuter Series for HTC EVO 3D is a slimmer case that not only offers solid protection byte also looks good too.  The case also protects from sudden bumps and shocks. However the exterior is easier to handle in your hand and it’s also able to slide into a pocketbook with ease.

Lastly the OtterBox Impact Series for HTC EVO 3D is the cheapest of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean it’s the weakest. The Impact case is made to absorb any shock to the phone and the included screen protector is designed to protect its face too, keeping the device ding free.

All three EVO 3D cases retail for $49.95 to $19.95 respectively. Now go ahead and drop that phone – this case can take it.

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