The Best iPad 2 Case for Kids is from Disney

More and more iPad cases have been coming out for kids. This makes sense of-course since the iPad user interface is so kid friendly, and because there are so many great iPad apps designed for kids out there. Just a few weeks ago we wrote about Speck’s iGuy Standing Cover, which we considered super adorable. However, these upcoming Protective iPad 2 cases from PDP and Disney seem to have one-upped other iPad 2 cases designed for kids, at least in terms of value and practicality.

Fortunately, this case packs in every important feature you would ever want in a kid’s iPad case. For starters, it comes with a carrying strap, it’s super tough and durable and also has a plastic shield protector, carrying strap, a built-in stand, and it even comes with a matching stylus that can be stowed away on its backside. This way kids can really get creative and draw with the iPad, and they are less likely to lose the stylus since they can tuck it away in the case. The case itself is made of a rubber exterior which surrounds a memory foam interior. The case also comes with a headrest mount, so that you can essentially transform the iPad into a portable DVD player of sorts.

Overall, this is one super smart case that manages to pack in everything but the kitchen sink! So even though it might be somewhat pricey at $59.99 $49.99, it offers plenty of value. The Protective iPad case will be available in two different themes – a pink Disney princess theme, or a Disney Cars theme. The

Update: If you’re looking for an iPad for kids, check out our hands-on with LeapFrog’s new LeapPad.

Update: The Cars 2 edition will be releasing early August directly on PDP.com first and possibly at Toys R Us on Oct 1st (though TRU is not confirmed yet). The Princess edition will be released late September.


  1. great case with carry strap, screeen cover, stylus, stand and kid friendly design 🙂

  2. I can’t seem to find on PDP.com, Toys R Us or Disney Stores.  Do you know if they will be available before Christmas?

  3. I called PDP, and they made the Disney Cars iPad kid kit, but they didn’t make the Disney Princess one, that’s a bummer!