iPad App of the Week: Get Ready to Sing the New Opera Browser’s Praises

You might be wondering why you really need another web browser besides Safari on your iPad. Fair question. The new version (6.0) of the Opera Mini Browser does a pretty good job of answering it, though. Simply put, it’s a faster browser than Safari, but the implications of that make Opera worth a download. It does load pages faster than Safari, because of 90% compression of all data consumed. This makes it faster, but, if you weren’t grandfathered in to an unlimited data plan, or are using your iPad abroad, it will cut down your phone bill, too, consuming less data overall than Safari. Zooming in and out is also much more fluid than Safari, which sometimes has a bit of frustrating lag. So, why not try it? It’s free, and available now from the iTunes App Store.


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  1. There are other browsers better than this. Dual Browser is the most use.
    I actually have no complaints about the app. It’s simple, it does what it’s advertised, and does it well without crashing (although that depends on how many apps you’re using). I’m a multitask-er and I’m so glad Dual Browser exists in the app store; now I stream my cricket matches on one side of the screen while I catch up on the news every morning  I don’t feel the restriction of having just ONE display anymore that being the iPad
    Download Dual Browser for $1.99 if you have an iPad you won’t regret it if you’re a multitask-er like me or just need two websites open at a time! 

  2. Sucks that it only shows mobile versions of websites…. that is probably OK for iphone, but on iPad, it is horrible. 

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