iPhone App of the Week: Dijit Turns Your iPhone into a Universal Remote

It almost does, at least. Dijit does give your iPhone complete cable and satellite listings for all of the United States and Canada, and features some basic social networking integration (it mostly looks like you can just ‘like’ your favorite shows from within the app). You can also adjust your Netflix Instant queue from within the app. If you actually want your phone to be a universal remote, though, you need to pay a little extra. And by a little, I mean a lot. To unlock those features, you’ll need to use the app along with the Griffin Beacon, a device the basically takes the Bluetooth signal from your phone and converts it to an IR signal that will be recognized by most home television sets. The Griffin Beacon sells for $79.99, which seems pretty steep for the use of your phone as a remote, but if you’re all about the all-in-one device, you’ll be happy to know it makes old remote controls obsolete. One thing you won’t need to pay for – if you already have Roku, you can control that via Wi-Fi using just the app. Dijit is available now for free from the iTunes App Store.

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