Jelly Belly Scented iPhone and BlackBerry Cases Will Make You Crave Sweets

What happens when you’re already producing one of the tastiest and most successful candies in the world? You go ahead and make gadget accessories that smell like you’re delicious creations. Jelly Belly, the world’s premier jelly bean manufacturer, has come out with a special Scented Line of Smartphone cases along with classic Jelly Bean shaped Earbuds. The cases include cases for the iPhone 3, iPod Touch, Nano, and BlackBerry phones. The cases are each made of a durable TPI plastic and each are scented with signature Jelly Belly scents like Strawberry Cheesecake, Very Cherry, Blueberry, Licorice and Berry Blue.

On the other hand, the earbuds aren’t scented, but they still can go well with the scented cases.

“These jelly bean-shaped headphones are ideal for any consumers that want to make a fun impression with their friends and as they walk down the street,” noted Azoulay. “While their unique shape is hard to miss, selecting one of the five colors can be either used to blend in with something traditional such as black (licorice) or bright and bold with deep red (Very Cherry).”

All of the cases and earbuds will retail for $14.99 each, and they will go on sale across the country at retailers like F.Y.E. and Hudson News. And if this all sounds familiar, it is because Jelly Belly isn’t the first candy company to come out with gadgets and accessories. A while ago, Twizzler came out with USB drives too.

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