The Joy Factory SmartSuit2 Review – a Smart Cover Alternative

The SmartSuit2 for iPad 2 from the Joy factory addresses one of the iPad Smart Cover’s biggest issues, and that is that it’s just a cover. The SmartSuit2 on the other hand, also features a magnetic cover just like the Smart Cover does, however it also has a back shell attached to it. The Joy Factory describes the SmartSuit2 as an ultra slim synthetic leather snap on case with a wake up/sleep cover.

Despite the fact that the SmartSuit2’s cover is not made from real leather, its synthetic leather material is indeed good looking and feels like its very high quality. Overall, the case itself seems very well made. And while it’s design doesn’t quite pop, it manages to be professional looking and sleek. As a matter of fact it measures only 9.5mm thick when closed.

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You’ll have to snap the iPad 2 into the hard case shell which makes up the back piece of the SmartSuite2. This back piece is quite strong and should provide the iPad 2 with plenty of protection. Meanwhile, the Wake up/Sleep Cover operates just like Apple’s Smart Cover – it will wake up and also put your  iPad 2 to sleep on contact. It also can fold back as a stand for watching movies or it can hold the iPad at a low angle for easy typing. All in all, the Wake up/Sleep Cover works just as well as Apple’s own smart cover, although its magnetic attraction doesn’t feel quite as strong as Apple’s own Smart Cover.

But our biggest gripe with the SmartSuit2 for iPad 2 is that its back piece adds significant weight and heft to the iPad 2, which is a shame since the case itself is nice and slim. Our other gripe with the SmartSuit2 is the same gripe that we have with the SmartCover – and that is that without a snap, while traveling, the cover can potentially dislodge from the iPad’s display and leave it unprotected. Those minor gripes aside, we really do love the Joy Factory’s SmartSuit2 for iPad 2. It manages to one-up Apple’s own Smart Cover in terms of protection, and it’s well made. The SmartSuit2 for iPad 2 is also available in white silver. Both cases retail for $59.95. When you consider that Apple’s leather Smart cover costs $69.95 at the Apple Store, this case is almost a bargain.

The Good: Cheaper than Apple’s own leather Smart Cover while offering more protection, sleek/ slim design, well made, easy to open packaging
The Bad: Hard case shell adds significant heft, Wake up/Sleep Cover can dislodge from the iPad while traveling

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