Kangaroo iPad 2 Case Should Have an iPhone 4 Pouch

On this side of the planet, most of us imagine Kangaroos to be adorable, friendly little furry fellas. But that is far from the truth. Over in outback those Kangs sure pack a punch, and they’ll likely attack you if you try and cuddle them. Still, we’re not thrilled to see the world’s first iPad 2 case made from Kangaroo leather (or K-leather) come out.

The case itself looks pretty black and ordinary, yet business-like, so you wouldn’t expect it to be made from an animal that little kids adore. The portfolio-style case affords easy access to charging ports, buttons, and camera, it includes a business card holder and a clever foldout lap-stand, and finally, it comes with Aranez Leather Conditioner and a micro-fiber cleaning kit. But wait, shouldn’t it have a little pouch to carry an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch? Now that would have been too cute for school.

According to the creator, Kangaroo leather is actually the best-performing leather in the world because it is lightweight but strong and durable. As a matter of fact, he says that the fiber structure of kangaroo leather is the strongest of any readily available leather. Recent research suggests that Kangaroo leather is made of an almost prehistoric fiber structure that evolved from animals that had to survive in the harshest of environments, and nowadays this leather helps protect Kangaroo’s from Australia’s brutal environment. So ultimately, it should stand up to the riggers of travel much more so than a traditional leather case. The Aranez iPad 2 Notebook Kangaroo Leather Case goes on sale this month for $199.

Update 09/21/11: Check out our full review of the Kangaroo iPad 2 Case here.

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