Lady Gaga Strikes a Pose for Karl Lagerfeld’s Gold iPad 2

Apparently the best way to take a picture of Lady Gaga is with a White Gold Plated iPad 2. Well that is what Karl Lagerfeld thinks anyway. Both Lady Gaga and Lagerfeld appeared on the French talk show Le Grand Journal, where Karl whipped out his gold plated iPad from Computer Choppers and started taking some random snaps of Lady Gaga.  Gaga offered up unique poses while moving around in her now aqua-green colored hair for the iPad’s VGA camera. From a viewers perspective the images looked like perfection, and Karl couldn’t stop oohing and ahhing over them, it was as if he just took the most amazing pictures ever captured.

It’s a fascinated video to watch because you get to see mega-icons sort of just escape into their own world and forget that there is an audience, as well as millions abroad, watching them. I think that for once the iPad might have been overshadowed.

In other Lady Gaga news, Colette has a new Lady Gaga iPhone 4 case from the company Mr/Mrs Who. The image of Gaga that is used on the case seems retro, since it depicts her “Fame” days. But nonetheless it’s a pretty cool looking case and they even have one of Karl too.

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