Maroo iPad 2 Portfolio Case Review

Maroo, a fairly new accessory company, has recently released a variety of fab and stylish iPad 2 cases. We have gotten our hands on a few of their Nylon Series Portfolio Cases, and not only are they super trendy-looking, but they’re practical, usable, and protective. Each case comes with a built-in dual-angle stand, protective bumpers, smart magnet functionality, great cutouts, and inner-pockets.

We are all about functional iPad cases, because after all we don’t want one case that’s good looking, another that’s protective, another with a stand, etc. This is why it was such a pleasure to see a case that seems to have it all, finally!

Currently Maroo offers eleven iPad 2 cases to choose from in the Nylon Series, all very trendy-looking with quality cushioned nylon and soft suede interiors. There are four corner bumpers that iPad is slipped into for a tight and secure hold. Surprisingly, it’s still very easy to insert and remove iPad. There is nothing covering iPad’s frame, which is good for accessing all ports and buttons. There is also a stylish cutout on the back of the case for iPad’s camera.

The magnetic cover unlocks iPad upon open, just as Apple’s Smart Cover does. The cover can be folded back and inserted under a firm flap to prop iPad upright in two angles, a typing angle, and a watching/browsing angle. The inside of the flap has two elastic corner straps both of which can be used to fasten the portfolio closed. Also on the inside of the flap is a pocket for documents and a large elastic strap running from the top to the bottom. This large elastic strap can also be used to store documents, though it’s technically supposed to function as a handstrap to carry iPad.

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We got to review the Tatau II Nylon Case for iPad 2, the Toki II Nylon Case for iPad, and the Awanui II. The Tatau II is covered in Nylon and has an “authentic island flavor” and red stitching. The Toki II case has a blue paisley print with a blue leather binding and back, and the street-style Awanui II with black leather binding.

After using the Maroo Nylon Series cases for a couple of weeks, we are really pleased with it. It’s a great everyday case and offers a lot of utility. Both have held up great and do not seem to wear easily. After reviewing a handful of iPad 2 portfolio cases, we found Maroo’s to be slightly thicker, but more comfortable and protective. The thick rubber corner bumpers keep iPad nice and safe. The fact that it has a built-in stand, which is magnetic, and has a fastener, AND can hold documents, is a pretty terrific combination. Of course, every case has drawbacks. Maroo’s only real drawback is that the magnetic smart lock is flaky. It always locks iPad upon close, but more often than not you will hear iPad rapidly lock two or three times. It’s neat and helpful that the Maroo Portfolio cases have a built in handle, but it can be a bit awkward to use.

All-in-all, we love our Maroo Portfolio cases for iPad 2. They’re extremely functional with more features than we have seen on other iPad 2 cases to date. If you don’t mind a case that is one inch thick with a functional, yet flaky, magnetic smart lock, then any of Maroo’s trendy Nylon cases would be a great choice! They range from $40 to $50 on Amazon. This is a tad pricier than other iPad 2 cases, but for a great everyday case with pockets, a stand, a magnetic lock, solid protection, comfort, and beauty–it’s going to be worth it.

The Good: Trendy designs, Comfortable, Great Protection, Accessible Ports and Buttons, Magnetic Lock, Sleeve for Documents, Elastic Fastener, Built-in Handle, Built-in dual-angle stand, Nice Variety
The Bad: Flaky Magnetic Smart Lock, Pricier side of iPad Cases, Handle can be Awkward.

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