Microsoft Exchange vs. Google Apps, Who Comes Out on Top?

Years ago Microsoft Exchange was my email provider and I loved it. The service offered Push email, calendar and contacts sync, at a time when there weren’t many other services like it. Eventually I moved to Google Apps because the service offered the same basic services for free.

Rackspace and Microsoft recently invited us to give Exchange a chance again. I have been hesitant to jump ship, but at the same time this has also given me the opportunity to see how much Exchange has changed since I used it a few years ago. I have also recently been turned off by some changes to Google Apps which now limits new free accounts to just 10 users. Rackspace’s Microsoft Exchange program is still actually pricier than Google Apps for Business, and offers less storage, but at-least Rackspace offers companies the option of not forcing all of the users on their domain to use Exchange, so that this way you can save some money, by placing some casual users on regular old pop3 or imap only accounts.

Furthermore, if you are a Windows Phone 7 user, than using a Microsoft Exchange account can really unleash the potential of the robust Outlook app that Windows Phone 7 runs. As a matter of fact, this app really does feel and work like a mobile version of the desktop version of Outlook.

Rackspace offers Microsoft Exchange Hosting for $10 per month, per mailbox. That $10 includes 2GB of storage with support for 50MB attachments and 250mb of storage for SharePoint sites. The service includes other benefits like SSL encryption for keeping your messages super secure, Spam and Virus protection, and 24×7 support. But perhaps the most enticing aspect of their hosted Exchange account plan is the fact that you can recover messages in Outlook for up to 14 days, and that you can also restore an entire deleted mailbox for up to 30 days.

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