Research Says Moms Buy Smartphones to Save Time

Moms lead a hectic life, so they are all about saving time. As a matter of fact, a recent Harris Poll found that 90% of moms say they would be happier if they could get just ten minutes back each day. The poll also determined that most moms would give up sex, alcohol, TV or even chocolate to get that extra time. And in case you thought that moms weren’t gadget savvy, you’re about to be proven wrong, since more than half of moms surveyed said they purchased a smartphone as a direct result of becoming a mom. Here are more details from the survey:

• 90% of moms say they’d be happier if they had just 10 minutes more in their day
• 64% of all women surveyed said that being more organized would give them back extra time in their day
• 78% of moms are willing to give up something for a week to get an extra 10 minutes in their day
o   37% said they would give up TV
o   Only 12% responded they would give up sex
• 90% of mothers agreed to the statement “As a mom, I feel like I often put my personal needs last”
• 54% of working moms own a smartphone and 22% plan to get one within 12 months


This survey was actually sponsored by Microsoft so that the company could understand why moms want smartphones. And of-course, they recommend Windows Phone 7 for mom because the Windows Phone 7 operating system is all about saving time by using apps to manage your lifestyle, or cutting through the clutter by using Live Tiles and People Hub to keep tabs on Facebook and your news feed.

So why does your mom want a smartphone? My mom wants one because she says she wants to be like the “cool kids”.