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Motorola Droid X2 Review (Verizon)

The Motorola Droid X2 from Verizon Wireless isn’t just another phone in the Droid Series. Running on a Dual-core 1GHz Processor, the Droid X2 screams speed. It also sports a lovely 4.3″ qHD Display, an 8MP Camera,the ability to record in 720p, along with the ability to output a 1080p signal to an HDTV via HDMI.

Design and Build Quality

The Droid X2 measures 2.58(w) x 5.02(h) x .39(d) inches and weighs 5.47oz. It’s somewhat boxy and industrial-like design, make the phone a little wary to hold during long conversations, but the build quality of the Droid is super solid and it feels like it should be able to take on the riggers of everyday mobile life well. The device also sports a dual–layer anti–reflective coating and it is both scratch–and impact–resistant.

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The 4.3″ qHD display on the Droid X2 sports a very fine 960×540 resolution. This is indeed a very good display. Visual are sharps with good color reproduction. The display can also get nice and bright.  That said, the colors aren’t quite as vivid as Samsung’s smartphones AMOLED displays. The device also features a neat 1080p HDMI Mirror Mode which lets you output video, games, and pictures to an HDTV. Finally, the device also has support for DLNA wireless sharing.


The X2 is running on a Nvidia Tegra2 Dual Core 1Ghz processor and it packs in 8GB of internal memory, plus it comes with a Nvidia Tegra2 Dual Core 1Ghz processor. In general, the device performs with plenty of pep, but to say the least, the Droid X2 really is a speed demon. We ran benchmark tests on it using Quadrant and it came out with a score of 2499! That makes it one of the fastest devices that we have tested, and just shy of beating the Motorola Atrix’s score of 2530.


The onscreen keyboard on the Droid X2 is fine, and roomy enough. But it’s nothing to write home about either.

U.I. and Apps

Unfortunately the device comes running Android 2.2 (Froyo) out of the box. What a bummer that such a powerful device isn’t running Gingerbread. Luckily, Motorola says that an update for Gingerbread will be available eventually . The device is also running the Motoblur skin overlay. There are many Motoblur haters out there, and we’re not sure why that is exactly, since it helps offer very tight social network integration on the device and it also adds a couple of neat widgets.

Some of the non standard apps that are pre-installed on the device include Alarm & timer, Amazon Kindle, Amazon MP3, Backup Assistant, Blockbuster, City ID, DLNA, Emergency Alerts, Files, FM Player, HopStop, Mobile Hotspot, My Tacks, My Verizon Mobile, Navigation, NFL Mobile,  NFS Shift, Quickoffice, Skype Mobile, Slacker, Task Manager, V Cast Apps, V Cast Music, V Cast Videos, VZ Navigator, and WorldMate.

Web Browsing

Because the device is just a 3G device, and cant take advantage of Verizon’s new LTE network, web surfing isn’t very speedy. That said, its web browsing speeds are still very acceptable.

Call Quality

To its credit, the device’s volume can get plenty loud. Unfortunately, callers sounded a bit fuzzy and they said that I sounded pretty clear, but that I sounded like I was on a cell phone. The speakerphone on the other hand is very powerful and found it to be one of the better speakerphones on a smartphone. Overall, call quality is acceptable.


The 8MP camera sports continuous auto–focus, touch–to–focus and a dual LED flash. The camera produces pretty good photos. Photos taken outdoors with plenty of light, tend to be sharp with pretty good color reproduction, and they are only moderately grainy. Indoor photos aren’t too bad, but are of-course much grainier. The camera is overall, better than many typical smartphone cameras, but not one of the best ones out there either. The gallery app also convenient oaccess to images on Facebook, Photobucket, Flickr, and Picasa. The camera can also record HD video in 720p. The video quality is pretty good too, just not great.

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Battery life

The Motorola Droid X2 offers a pretty good battery life, especially compared to other competing Android smartphones which tend to be energy suckers. We can get through a day on a single charge with moderate use of the device.


The Motorola Droid X2 offers a fine set of improvements over its predecessor. But despite sporting some top quality components, it lacks some “premium” features like a front facing camera. But most of all, we wish they had made it into a 4G device, instead the Droid X2 is limited to just 3G speeds. That said, its 3G speeds should be adequate for most, it just feels like an over sight in such a capable device. For those that can overlook its lack of 4G, the device’s blazing fast performance, solid build quality, tight social network integration, 1080p HMDI Mirror Mode, and excellent display still make it a highly desirable device. The Motorola Droid X2 from Verizon Wireless retails for $199 with a two year contract, but it’s also going for as low as $119 on Amazon.

The Good: Impressive performance, excellent display and build quality, comes bundled with tons of apps, good battery life
The Bad: Call quality is mediocre, lacks a front-facing camera, expensive for a 3G-only device

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