Happy National Camera Day! Go Ahead, Take Your Best Shot

Did you know that today is National Camera Day? That is right – July 4th, take that!  Without cameras we couldn’t take pictures of your flashy fireworks. In fact, everyday we all seem to celebrate National Camera Day, as cameras have become a part of our daily life more and more. We take snaps with our smartphones to capture precious moments or expose others…The DSLR is no longer just for the advanced photographer, but also for the amateur one who is looking to show off their photography skills with their big lenses. There are also super durable cameras available for kids now – that encourage children to take pictures even at a young age.

So today we celebrate several cameras that make us appreciate National Camera Day. Go ahead and give your camera or smartphone camera a kiss today. If you don’t have a camera, but you do have a waffle iron – you can give that a hug too! Because coincidentally, it is also National Waffle Iron Day today!

Kodak Cameras of the 1920’s and 30’s

Honestly,  how could we not start off honoring this day without mentioning Kodak – the granddaddy of cameras. From 1928 to 1933, Kodak manufactured several colored and deco-styled cameras that were designed to attract women. There was the Vanity Kodak Ensemble outfit, which included a color-coordinated camera, lipstick holder, compact, mirror and change purse in a fitted case. Similar models included the more common  Ensemble, and the very rare Coquette. There was also the Series III Vest Pocket Vanity Kodak, a metal and embossed leather camera came in Bluebird (deep blue), Cockatoo (green), Sea Gull (gray), Redbreast (red), and Jenny Wren (brown). For collectors these cameras are a rare find, for a gal like me, these cameras just show how forward thinking Kodak was at the time in marketing to the female consumer.

Hello Kitty Lomography Fisheye Camera

Lomography and Hello Kitty – now that is a camera.  The Fisheye Hello Kitty Edition has  a 170-degree Fisheye perspective that is packed into a compact circle and it sports the signature Hello Kitty red and blue colors as well has Ms. Kitty herself on the back and front of the camera.  The inclusion of lomography style prints, only adds the final touch to this cute but impressive camera.

Lego Digital Camera

As we all know by now, cameras can come in all different shapes and sizes so a camera designed out of LEGO bricks should really be no shock. This Lego Digital Camera is probably not the best quality camera but certainly one of the most unique. Kids and adults alike love to tote this little guy around, and minifigs consider this their camera of choice.

The Polaroid Camera

Shake it like a Polaroid piiiicture….That’s exactly what everyone did back in the 80’s and boy did we shake till our wrists hurt, and yet the picture didn’t develop any faster! But it didn’t make the classic Polaroid camera any less endearing. It still earned oohs and aaahs from those who loved the fact it instantly developed your prints after taking them. Certainly the quality was a bit sub-par to the traditional 35mm at the time, but if you yearned for instant gratification. The Polaroid was your camera of choice, and now with the help of Lady Gaga it seems to be hitting its stride once again.

Daguerreotype and Big Box Cameras aka the Civil War Cameras

The Civil War was the first time photography played such an important part of documenting such a brutal war. Men dragged and trudged around mammoth-sized cameras onto the blood-soaked fields to capture and document pieces of history. Photography at the time was about  20 years old at the outbreak of the Civil War, yet with such young equipment, the moments in time that were captured have lived on for hundreds of years.   It would be hard to imagine someone like Anderson Cooper dragging around a camera the size of himself now…

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So which camera do you salute today?

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