New York City Parks Get Free Wi-Fi, Again

Mayor Bloomberg and AT&T chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson are launching free Wi-Fi in service at 26 park locations across the five boroughs. Three parks are already up and running with AT&T Wi-Fi, and those parks include Battery Bosque in Battery Park, the north-end playground in Joyce Kilmer Park and around the recreation center at Thomas Jefferson Park in East Harlem.

Free Wi-Fi access will surely encourage people to stay outside and enjoy the breeze a little bit longer. But hey, doesn’t this news story sound like deja-vu? That is because from 2005 to 2008 there was free Wi-Fi service available in several New York City Parks. At one point Nokia was even a sponsor for the project. Than last year Time Warner and Cablevision also rolled out Wi-Fi in New York City’s parks, but they only offered three free 10 minutes sessions per month for Wi-Fi access, and they charged any extra use at $.99 a day.  We’re liking AT&T a lot more than them right now.