Nordstrom iPhone POS Device Caught in the Wild During Check-Out

People can deny it all they want… but the days of the cash register may soon be over and instead replaced with your smartphone or iPhone. Back in May, Nordstrom announced plans to set-up about 5,000 mobile checkout devices in their stores by the start of their anniversary sale in July, and it looks like they are going to meet that goal. One of our reporters on the west coast, was shopping at Nordstrom this week and caught a salesperson using one of these iPhone POS devices. They even received an e-receipt for their purchase.

But our roving reporter isn’t the only one who has received assistance from an iPhone toting Nordstrom salesperson. The folks over at Appatomy, recently wrote about how a Nordstrom employee checked to see if a certain size they were looking for was in stock, all with their iPhone. How did the salesperson do that you may ask? The salesperson explained that they could search the entire stock of the store, all from the device. When it came time for the blogger at Appatomy to purchase their items, the items were scanned by the Mobile POS system and then they were given a choice on how to receive their receipt. They too chose the emailed version.

It may seem gimmicky at first and hard for traditional shoppers to adapt to, but if a savvy, yet pretty traditional high-end department store like Nordstrom can be an early adopter of mobile technology, long lines during Black Friday may be a thing of the past.

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