Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: OverDrive Brings Libraries Into the 21st Century

As the world becomes more tech-reliant, many institutions have had to scramble to stay relevant. Libraries are good examples. Chances are, your public library is offering eBooks for download at this point, a trend that has been growing stronger in recent years. OverDrive for Windows Phones makes finding those library eBooks a little simpler. You can use the app to search around for local libraries that have eBooks available for download from their websites. Just keep in mind, the old library rules still apply. If you want to ‘check out’ an eBook, you’ll need a library card from the local library in question, and your downloads will expire and be deleted from your device after a set time – the digital equivalent of taking your books back to the library on their due date (except now the library just comes and takes them back itself). It’s a free app, and you’ll be getting access to free books, so it’s a win-win – just like your local library!


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