Pentax RS1500 is the Only Camera the Green Lantern Would Use

This summer is all about comic book heroes on the big screen, so why shouldn’t it be on your camera too! Pentax has teamed up with Warner Bros to bring about a the limited edition RS1500 from Pentax. The camera features interchangeable skins based on DC Comics characters like Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Superman, The Flash and Catwoman. The camera itself has got a few super hero features like a 14MP sensor, 4 x wide angle zoom, 3″ LCD monitor and comes with a Green Lantern case and 4GB SD card. The Pentax Green Lantern Collector Pack retails for £114.99 ($189 USD) and is only available in the UK as of now. Now only if we could snap a pick of Mr. Reynolds himself, we would be all set.


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