Harry Potter Lives On as eBook Via Pottermore

pottermore2 572x360 Harry Potter Lives On as eBook Via Pottermore

On July 15th ,  Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 will debut in theaters and will ultimately end the franchise that everyone has adored for years. The series of books ended sometime ago but those who like to live in denial, always had the movies to look forward to, year after year. Well J.K. Rowling is not going to let her little Harry Potter just disappear into the wind and has just recently launched Pottermore. The mysterious website was whipping fans into a magical frenzy guessing what could this new site behold. Well Rowling took to YouTube herself and announced that in partnership with Sony, Pottermore will provide an interactive way of reading the Harry Potter books online as well as purchase audio books and ebook versions of the Harry Potter series.

The site officially goes live in October but for some overachiever Hogwarts students you may be able to enter the site earlier. But Rowling hinted you’ll have to “Follow the Owl” to find out how. Mark your calendars on July 31st as more details are set to be released about Pottermore…

Are you excited for Pottermore? Will you be following the Owl?