Rymble Gadget Brings Facebook and Twitter to the Real World

Rymble is a crazy new gadget concept that wants to bring social networks into the real world. Rymble is actually an object that is connected to multiple social networks like Twitter and Facebook, essentially merging the real and the virtual worlds. The device works like a “social compass”, but instead of pointing North, South, East or West, it will move in different directions as news and alerts happen in a user’s social network, or on the web page of a company – or any kind of subject. So in other words, Rymble is actually able to change its shape depending on the activities happening on a page!

The device itself runs off of a Wi-Fi model and the Symplio service platform. And to top it all off, Rymble is very adaptable and can be customized with skins for different topics. For example, Lady Gaga fans can get a special skin for Rymble. And there are no limits for skins, because anyone can design them since etch company will be providing the Rymble community with product extensions and open frameworks and development tools.


Rymble will express emotions linked to your Internet life through:

Movement: rotating along its axis showing different parts of the skin, changing its external shape to communicate information and important events.

Colors: from basic colors to cycling rainbow to show relevant information or engage you in interactive activities.

Sounds: flying from the Internet to your Rymble to create a more immersive experience. Sound can be automatically deactivated during the night, or via configuration.

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  1. This is a ridiculous lame piece of junk. I don’t need a sun-dial to tell me when someone posts on my facebook. Facebook already tells me. How about an alarm that goes off when my alarm goes off?

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