Samsung Shows Us Their Displays of the Future

Samsung dazzled us this week with their demo of both the PenTile RGBW prototype display for tablets and their transparent AMOLED display. Earlier this year they showed the technology off at a few  consumer electronic tradeshows, but soon enough both the PenTile and transparent AMOLED display will be pushed out into the market.

The transparent display we got to see in action will turn interactive window displays on its head. If you thought the Macy’s Holiday windows dazzled now, wait till they try out these transparent displays. The visuals are amazing and have since improved from earlier this year. While the imagery gives the illusion that it is floating in air, the colors are still a bit on the dark side and lack vivid contrast. However, I’m sure over time that will change with each made to order transparent display that is shipped out. Would a display like this be ideal for the home? Probably not unless you want it to like the set of Minority Report.

One thing we will also see soon enough and perhaps with the next version of the Galaxy Tabs is the introduction of the PenTile RGBW Tablet display.  This 10.1 inch display features a super bright and rich WQXGA (2560×1600) resolution. What does this mean for the consumer? It means displays with more details in thumbnails and pictures. The display also requires 40% less power to run, which means you could easily charge a PenTile device with a solar charger. Furthermore, the entire display is more luminous and will make digital magazines even more “life-like” and enjoyable to read than before.

Samsung has had quite a busy year already, and with all these technologies slated for the upcoming few years, it doesn’t look like they plan on slowing down, but that they will only keep on innovating.

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