Skype 5.5 Adds More Facebook Integration with Chat and Likes

Skype 5.5 beta for Windows has just been announced, and this latest version of Skype offers deeper Facebook integration than ever. With Skype 5.5, Skype users can now instant message their Facebook buddies, directly through Skype.  The software also now has a special Contacts tab that is dedicated to your Facebook Contacts list. Furthermore, users can now “Like” and comment on a Facebook status, all from within the Skype App.

But besides for deeper Facebook integration, Skype 5.5 also brings on other improvements including a new Call Control Toolbar which features redesigned graphic icons, as well as improvements to the saving of a phone number in the “Call Phones” section, and visual improvements to placing a call on hold.

However, we’re not sure if we’re happy about all of this new Facebook integration or not. Until now Skype was one of the only Facebook-free sanctuaries where you could chat without getting too distracted by status updates. Oh, well…

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