Solar Panels Go High-Fashion with Silvr Lining Go Collection

Silvr Lining is a  clothing company that utilizes organic materials and technology to make one hip and high-tech fashion collection. One particular collection that stands out, is their Go Collection of urban sportswear that also features solar charging panels for your gadgets. The Go Collection features jackets, vests and cargo pants. Just slip any mobile device into these solar powered pockets and watch it charge. These articles of clothing will certainly make a statement if you wear them. People will think you really love the sun, some sort of X-Men, or that you carry  a small Best Buy around,  that you need to become walking and talking charging machine.

The Go Collection doesn’t come cheap. The cargo pants retail for $920. The directors jacket retails for $1180 and the vest retails for $620! One thing is for sure, you’ll never have the excuse that your phone went dead, if you are caught wearing one of these pieces of clothing.