Sony Ericsson Rolls Out Anti-Smartphones Txt Pro and Mix Walkman Phone

Do people even bother to buy dumb phones anymore? Sony Ericsson seems to think so. The company just announced two social media and music oriented phones via their Facebook page. The Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman phone is a music touch based phone that has a special feature called Zappin that “lets you browse through your songs in a fun way by automatically being served the chorus of the songs while skipping through them.” The phone also sports a neat karaoke mode that lowers the vocal track of the song so that you can sing along. On top of that, the phone can be customized with exchangeable color bands that run along the edge of the phone, Of-course, pink colored color bands will be  available too. But the oddest thing about these color bands is that some of them have little designs popping out of them – like a Twitter Bird or a Cloud. Hmm, well, that is different….

The second “dumb” phone that Sony Ericsson announced today is the Sony Ericsson Txt Pro. This phone sports a slide out QWERTY keyboard and an integrated friends app that offers access to Facebook and Twitter. The Txt Pro will also be available in pink.

Both of these phones come with Wi-Fi and run a four corner touch based user interface that was inspired by the Xperia mini range. The handsets will be available in quarter 3, in select markets. And they better make them cheap too!

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