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Celebrity Hall of Shame: Celebs Who Got Tripped Up By Technology

Technology has widened our lives in so many ways, adding a string of unusual words to our vocabulary and, and forcing dictionary makers to shake their heads in woe at the inclusion of terms such as ‘poking’ and W00t!’ to their beloved tomes. Not everyone has the best experience with this centuries newly developed love for gadgets however, and often it’s those celebs in the limelight – like Kim Kardashian or Congressman Anthony Weiner, whom find themselves red-faced with the unwanted (and apparently accidental) media attention due to their technical mishaps.
We’re going to celebrate the best times an A lister has done something cringe-worthy, and I’m sure you’ll recognize a few names in this list. Naming and shaming might be harsh, but when you choose to live your life in the public eye a little embarrassment is par for the course. Let us know who you think should make it into our hall of shame in the comments below!

The X rated Twitter Time

Recent Culprit: Congressman Anthony Weiner
 Main culprit: Chris Brown (Rihann’a ex)
Most people have enough sense to keep pictures of their naughty bits well away from the public eye, but not everyone is that savvy- or smart. Congressman Anthony Weiner was recently outed in the media after it was shown that he’d voraciously been engaged in X-rated Twitter correspondence on his Twitter channel RepWiener (with possible additions of Skype and Facebook too) where he’d chatted up women and sent them images of his staff of office. OK, that’s a little crude, but c’mon, he was questioned on TV and asked hard hitting questions about whether or not his genitals were on the web, so I think a few puns are fair enough.
Anthony Weiner isn’t the only celebrity to be embarrassed on Twitter- Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown also made himself look rather stupid. He had sent some saucy iPhone shots to one of his ex girlfriends, and when he discovered that it had been leaked he decided to go on Twitter to deflect attention away from it. Silly boy didn’t realize that going “WTF!!! Here we go!!!” probably wasn’t the best way to detract attention- and also confirmed that the image was indubitably him and not a fake. He then deleted the Tweet, but the internet (and screengrab) has a long memory… [Image source]

The accidental nude cameraphone shots:

Main culprit: Vanessa Hudgens
Recent red faced starlet: Blake Lively
Celebs seem to have a major thing about getting their kit off at any occasion- especially female starlets. It’s not enough to flash thighs and tit tape at award ceremonies, no, they have taken to snapping themselves in the nuddy, and then allowing these snaps to somehow filter through onto the interweb. People have speculated whether High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens revealed all on purpose (in a bid to shed her Disney image) but we’re not convinced- a foul up with technology and a boyfriend who liked to share seems the most likely culprits. Blake Lively has also been feeling some heat lately (or should that be a cool breeze) as reputed snaps of her naked have been doing the rounds. Her PR team deny that they’re real, but we can see the appeal of checking out how perfect you look in your 5 star hotel room with the curtains closed… or maybe a titillating picture for her reputed new beau, Leonardo DiCaprio? Word of warning ladies: If you have to bare all, hit DELETE afterwards.
[Image source]

The Big Twitter Expose

Recent Red faced celebrity: Ryan Giggs
Main culprits: Jenna Jameson
Old school laws don’t work very well when they gave to contend with new media, and the recent gagging order that Ryan Giggs took out in court was proof of this. A certain number of people of importance in the UK can create a ‘gagging order’ also known as a super-injunction, where they aren’t allowed to be named in the press- however though you can police the UK media, you can’t police online networks and his name was quickly splashed all over Twitter- as well as some other names that I won’t reveal. Ryan Giggs’ intention to keep his affair with model Imogen Thomas on the down low actually caused him to be internationally known and shamed for his affair and has meant that the UK government is now thinking of reshaping their laws to handle modern day media and the various ways they undermine their old school way of thinking.
Jenna Jameson has also had to fend off Twitter exposes, when she denied that her boyfriend Tito Ortiz was having an affair and got quite heated on line refuting that fact. Did he or didn’t he- we’ll never know, but Jenna Jameson seems secure.

The Sex Text pest:

Main culprits : Ashley Cole, Tony Parker, Jesse James
Infidelity is never a nice topic but in you olden days as long as you showered and wiped lipstick off your collar you were likely to get away with it. It’s a lot harder to do so with a digital footprint and the rise of sexting your current beau can lead to embarrassing moments. I’m not suggesting that infidelity should in any way be approved of, but as well as condoning the can’t keep it in their pants culprits, you also have to think about just how clueless are they. Sure, you have the media to worry about, but have you never thought that a suspicious other half might take a leaf from paranoids worldwide and search for clues- the most obvious being your Facebook page and your mobile phone texts.
Yes, it’s an invasion of privacy- but hey, you had something to hide… Ashley Cole is one of the serial offenders with his marriage to ex USA X Factor judge Cheryl Cole allegedly ending over raunchy text he was found sending to other women. Another celeb caught out by this was Jesse James, who split with Sandra Bullock over his sext text affairs- some of which were later used in court as evidence of his infidelity! Examples of these are, ‘Speaking of licking??’ Nice. Eva Longoria also suffered from her husbands sexting, as she discovered that Tony Parker was engaged in an affair with his teammate’s wife. We’ve heard that she discovered lots of texts about their affair on his phone, and is not having it anymore. Never stand for that behaviour- but I do feel for people who have had their love lives rocked by infidelity. I may make light of how idiotic celebs are, but this behaviour happens to real people everyday and it’s very sad that some people don’t value honesty and trust in a relationship.

The YouTube Sextape scandal

Main culprits: Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian
Writhing around on a bed with a boy when you’re 18 is natural. It’s naughty, Heck, you could even go all out and say it was fun. Then he introduces a video camera- well, why not, you’re a liberated up for it girl, and who would ever know. Wow, look at you- this is experimentation checked off the bucket list for good. Then it leaks onto the web. First comes horror, then comes shame, then comes billionaire daddy and the lawyers and then comes… fame. You thrive on your notoriety, you tell people that you are ‘that hot’ and you build a multimillion empire showing off how truly vacuous and empty your life is. But with pink sparkles- never forget that. 24 carat pink sparklies… Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are true connoisseurs on how a bad event can become good PR, but I wouldn’t suggest you date either of the guys who leaked it- and make sure you have full control of the SD card should you ever choose to indulge.

The Forgot about Facebook Fools

Main culprit: Emilio Masella, boyfriend of Jersey Shore’s Snooki
Reality TV stars have it hard- one day they’re the best thing since Dollhouse ended. Next you wonder why they look vaguely familiar when you go grocery shopping. How infuriating it must be for your partner in this escapade to care for you so little that they actively line up future hook-ups on a public forum such as Facebook. This is just what Jersey Shore Snooki discovered her boyfriend Emilio doing, and she had to have been pretty devastated. I don’t know if they’d listed that they were in a relationship, but that’s no excuse, so thank god Snookums kicked him to the kerb. It’s crazy to think that Emilio thought he could get away with this type of behaviour- and so blatantly as well! Snooki seems to have moved on pretty well though- warning Emilio and the like that this type of action will not be tolerated.

The Foursquare/Gowalla Celebrity Foul up
Location based social networks are the next big thing in social networking, so much so that Facebook decides it wants a slice of the Gowalla/ Foursquare pie and released Facebook Places. Users can now ‘check in’ to venues and gain virtual medals and points for leaving tips and pictures. It’s a fun way to hang out with your friends- but can have some serious side effects, such as privacy- or in the case of Justin Biebercausing a mini riot. OK, the Bieber hasn’t actually got an (obvious) geolocation network account, but just imagine what would happen if he did. Justin Bieber has just checked into Times Square etc- it would cause a riot and he’d never get any peace. As it’s still relatively early days for these services, we haven’t got wind of any incident yet, but watch this space for some celebrity riot causing as up and comers (those without great management) get confused and mistakes happen…

The Catch me if you Can Celebrity Stalking App

Once upon a time if you were a celebrity and met a fan, you’d smile, pose and wave them goodbye. Now they’ll try and record the whole thing, zoom in on your zits and sell their stories. There are a few apps that make the process of passersby catching celebs in awkward situation much easier to sell on, and soon you understand just why the bodyguards and tinted black windows are there. Yes, we the public really are a menace to celebrities… One such app is called the ‘celebspotting app’ and is creating by Northern and Shell, the publisher of UK based gossip magazine , OK Magazine. The OK Celeb Spotter App lets you use the iPhone’s maps to help you discover local celebrity hangouts- and learn who you might see beyond the velvet rope. You can also contact staff writers within the app, and upload geotagged images if you find a celeb, which might even be used in the magazine itself- making you an official paparazzo for the mere price of the app (£1.79). Other similar apps also exist out there- meaning no celeb anywhere is safe from your cameraphone…

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