Associated Press Attempts to Update Steve Jobs’ Obituary

It’s no secret that if you are famous, you have an obituary waiting to be printed the minute you kick the bucket. Over time it just gets updated to include current relevant data. Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, all had a prepared obit. And we’re sure that the likes of Lady Gaga and even Robert Pattinson have one too…somewhere… but when you want to write an obituary for Steve Jobs –  well that just can’t happen. According to the NY Post, AP reporters were calling around Hollywood to get updated anecdotes on Jobs to freshen up their obituary on him. Since he was sick for some time, it seemed like a logical thing to do… but just putting Jobs in the same sentence as death doesn’t just piss off Mac fans but also affects stock values and all other things assorted with his passing.

“Apple found out about it and asked everyone involved not to give any quotes, although most of those called had already refused.” according to the NY Post’s Page Six.

However, I think Jobs’s appearance at WWDC certainly laid to rest any notion of his impending demise.

[NY Post]

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