Super Fan Spends 2.5 Mil on Pirates of the Caribbean Home Theater

I’m not a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan, but perhaps I could become one if I had a home theater that was pimped to look like the Queen Anne’s Revenge! One homeowner in southern Florida is such a super fan that he decided to convert a portion of his already luxurious home theater into something that harks back to days of pillaging islands for gold.

Elite Home Theater Seating, was commissioned with this very intense task which cost about $2.5 million to do. There is a paved entrance way (complete with ticket booth), a Pirate tavern, and a theater that is situated on the deck of a Pirate Ship—the whole looking as if it were conjured out of Treasure Island.

The entrance to the Florida theater will be a cross between a 17th century drinking hole for the Most Wanted of the High Seas, and a box office. The gas lanterns, embossed double doors,  and hand-painted ceiling canvases simulate a stormy Caribbean sky even though the theater is completely indoors.

And then there is the theater itself—which will feature theater chairs filling up the deck, white sails, and knotted ropes draped across on all sides of the deck. Giving you a true feeling of being on board a classic pirate ship – minus Blackbeard of course.

These images are only just the renderings…so I can only imagine how close it will be to the real thing. But one thing is for sure, if this person didn’t already have a lot of friends…they are about to get a whole lot more who can’t wait to pound their mugs on the tabletops and sing “Yo-ho-ho” songs.

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