T-Pain Saves the Day with I Am T-Pain Mic Commercials

It wasn’t that long ago that we reported about the I Am T-Pain Mic and now its time for it to making its booming debut. T-Pain has just wrapped filming of four different television spots that feature green screens, T-Pain getting hit with an inflatable ball, glow in the dark clothing, dancing teachers, and a talent show. And no, there is no Ke$ha anywhere in sight in these shots.

The footage includes four different spots in which the I Am T-Pain Mic saves the day:

· T-Pain and the Mic lend a hand to help a dull teacher energize his class and ultimately turns it into an episode of Glee.

· A nervous and awkward young man gets a boost of confidence from T-Pain and uses the Mic to pull off a proposal to his girlfriend.

· A busy mom driving a minivan fails to settle down her very active children until T-Pain appears with the Mic to calm down her unruly kids.

· In the final spot, T-Pain is wearing a glow-in-the-dark, winged costume, and bursts on-stage at a talent show to support a young singer with stage fright. The aspiring singer rocks her audition by using the I Am T-Pain Mic.

The I Am T-Pain Mic will be available in August however, wanna-be MCs can pre-order now from Toys ‘R’ Us and it will be on pre-sale in limited quantities at Walmart this month until supplies sell out.

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