Transformers X MIMOBOTS are Not Megan Fox Approved

Megan Fox may have been fired from Transformers 3, but that is not going to stop companies from pushing out Transformers merch this summer. This time Mimobots has come out with their new series called Transformers X, which include the characters OPTIMUS PRIME, leader of the AUTOBOTS, and MEGATRON, leader of the DECEPTICONS. Megatron is dressed in a steel-colored armor, along with his signature menacing scowl and piercing eyes. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime stands heroic with his classic red, white and blue armor.

Both Transformer Mimobots come in capacities ranging from 2GB to 16GB and they also come preloaded with special MimoDesk specific content such as wallpapers, icons, screensavers, and other digital extras. Sadly there is no Transformers: Dark of the Moon ( Transformers 3)  goodies or even any 3D capabilities with these little fellas. But one thing is for sure, Michael Bay won’t be storing any images of Megan Fox on it.

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