Get Your Geek On for the True Blood Season 4 Premiere

Are you Ready for True Blood Season 4 to begin tonight? Well what better way to prepare you for Fairies, Vampires, Weres, and more then to deck your gear or collect gadgetry goodness in celebration of tonight’s season premiere episode. Check out our list of 5 gadgets and accessories that should get you through this years dramatic twists and turns in that crazy town called Bon Temps.


True Blood iPad Decal

Boy that iPad looks delicious doesn’t it? Well it could even be more so with a True Blood Vampire Decal on the back of it. Apple logo beware… you are about to get some teeth sunk into you.

MusicSkins Bathes Your Gadgets in True Blood

Want to show your appreciation of all things True Blood on your laptop and practically every other gadget imaginable. MusicSkins offers a wide range of skins available for all your gadgets. Be it a Kindle, BlackBerry, and HTC Smartphone. You name it.  Now even a professional device like the BlackBerry can get a little blood on its keyboard.

True Blood Fangtasia Projector Pen

What could be considered the Batman signal to True Blood fans, the True Blood Fangtasia Projector pen shines a bright light on any surface that proclaims “life begins at night”.  However, during the day you can use the pen normally, until you are ready to party with your Vampire friends at cocktail hour.

True Blood V-80 Headphones Will Make Your Blood Curl

Earlier this week the V-Moda for True Blood V-80 headphones were released that would make any Were howl for the moon. The headphones are durable, feature a sound quality that you can sink your fangs into, and a cheeky pull tab on the zipper that looks like a vial of blood. What more could a True Blood fan ask for.


Throw a Party in Tru Blood Fashion

Do you plan on having True Blood nights at your home every Sunday now? Well the Tru Blood Beverage light set who help them find their way to your backyard. Designed to look like the True Blood Beverage bottles stringed together to provide a reddish hue around your home. Nothing attracts Vampires like a warm red color.

Now there you have it – your complete geeky guide to celebrating the True Blood premiere tonight. How will you be watching the premiere tonight?


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