Microsoft’s Wireless Desktop 2000 Keyboard Will Encrypt While You Type

Want to protect your identity? Well the most obvious place to start then would be with the keyboard…where most of the typing takes place to hack or decipher information entered into your computer. Today PC and Mac users can protect private information as soon as it hits their keyboards. The Wireless Desktop 2000 is Microsoft’s first keyboard to feature Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-Bit Encryption key—the same technology trusted by the U.S. government to secure their wireless connections. With each stroke of a key, all your information for work and home is protected by eliminating the possibility of being intercepted and deciphered through the air.

The keyboard is paired with the Wireless Mouse 2000, featuring enhanced side grips and is a design comfortable for both righty and lefties. The keyboard features a new pillow-textured palm rest for extra comfort.  The Wireless Desktop 2000 will be available in June for $39.95.

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