iLuv’s ArtStation Pro Transforms the iPad 2 into an iMac

Like iPhone docks, iPad docks are starting too all look the same. Fortunately, iLuv is changing things up with their new imm517 and imm514 ArtStation Pro speakers for the iPad 2. This speaker systems lifts the iPad above its speaker system, and holds it almost as if it were an all-in-one PC, with the iPad 2 as its display. The ArtStation Pro system will be available in a choice of white/silver, or black silver, and it comes with a remote and and optional matching bluetooth keyboard. The inclusion of a wireless keyboard manages to further transform the iPad 2 into a sort of beautiful iMac Mini when docked into the ArtStation Pro.

The speaker system itself features iLuv’s enhanced jAura technology, it has a rotating arm for supporting the iPad in both portrait and landscape views, and the remote also has a built-in magnet. And fortunately, if you’re a Samsung Galaxy Tab Series owner, you wont be left out in the cold either. There will also be an ArtstationPro iSM524 model that is designed for the Tabs.

Overall, we’re quite smitten. This is definitely one of the most unique iPad docks / speaker systems to come out thus far. And not only does it look great, but it also transforms the iPad into a sort of pseudo all-in-one PC, which is really neat. Pricing for the iLuv ArtStation Pro is TBD.

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