Awkward Family Photos Blog Gets Their Own Board Game

The popular and very addictive blog, Awkward Family Photos, now has their own board game. The game comes with never-before-seen Awkward Family Photos along with open-ended questions that will entertain the whole gang when they get together on game night. The game also features a double-sided game board with 62 photos on each side and it comes with photo cards and chips. Yep, it’s a complete board game that means business – and no, it’s not an April Fools prank.

But unlike traditional boardgames, this board-game is all about making players crack-up as they are forced to answer open-ended questions matched up with the website’s library of classic and never-before-seen photos. The Awkward Family Photos board game is already on sale for $24.99. And if you ask us, it sure beats a game of monopoly.

“I’m proud to contribute to America’s appreciation for traditional game play with fun, creative games that promote laughter and discussion,” says Eric Poses, President of All Things Equal, the company behind the board game. “Games like Awkward Family Photos are the perfect way to bring people together and celebrate the gloriously odd side of family. We’ve all cringed at embarrassing moments caught on film. Awkward Family Photos is an opportunity to embrace those moments and realize we’re not alone.”


So what’s next? The Perez Hilton board game? We’d actually love to see a People of Walmart board game… or actually, scratch that no we wouldn’t!

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  1. Oddly enough, I actually heard about the game before the blog – maybe this is an indication of what I generally look at (board games) online…

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