Check Yourself in the Bat Mirror Before Heading to Comic-Con

Are you on your way to Comic-Con in San Diego? Well wouldn’t you want to look into this mirror before heading out in your best superhero costume. The Bat Mirror is the perfect adornment to hang in your batcave or studio apartment.

This extremely ornate mirror may not look like much, except for a fancy mirror – but step back a few paces and stare at it from a far and you will see the bat signal staring right back at you. Holy smokes Batman! Yes, the bat signal is in its full beautiful glory for all to see and to be admired.

The Bat Mirror’s curves are hand-molded plaster and then finished off with a gothic shade of black. The design is pure Gotham City and unfortunately, you’ll need Bruce Wayne’s wallet to be able to afford it because this fancy mirror will cost you £399.99 ( $644 USD).

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