Care Bears Get Rebooted in CGI for 2013 TV Show

Are 80’s cartoons hot again? I know I have been watching Jem and the Holograms re-runs on The HUB recently. Judge me – I don’t care! But now it looks like one of my other faves from the 80’s is making a come back – the Care Bears! Yes, those cuddly bears that charmed on TV and made us feel better in real-life when we hugged their plush bodies, are coming back – but not in the old fashioned hand-drawn animation style, but instead as CGI.

So Care Bears are going hi-tech! American Greetings have decided to reboot the franchise, but with a more sophisticated polish and just in time for the Care Bears 30th anniversary no less.  It will be interesting to see if they introduce some Care-Bears with new belly badges, perhaps one can sport a computer or smartphone belly badge – that would be cute and very up to date.  One thing is for sure, in CGI they better keep these bears still endearing to children – and me.

I highly doubt we will see this reboot on Adult Swim and more likely on the The Hub, which currently plays in rotation classic cartoons and TV shows. It also happens to be owned by Hasbro, the same company that will be relaunching the Care-Bear toy line.

I can’t wait!


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