iPhone App of the Week: Give’em Hell with the Complain App

Need to vent about your latest injustice at the airport or a horrific hotel experience? Well, now you can do it in a constructive way. The Complain App is a free social networking app that uses Facebook, Twitter, and several more networks (soon to include Google+) to spread your consumer complaint, so that you can get a response from the party that wronged you.  This app could become this generation’s version of the Better Business Bureau!

You can search for businesses using the app, which sends complaints directly their way. You can also connect to other people with similar complaints, and you can send your complaints to your friends to recruit their help in your righteous crusade (this part’s optional, if you don’t want to use your friends as your personal army). The app will even take to email, phone calls, and the good old fax machine if the business in question fails to respond to your first few complaints.  So if you aren’t getting anywhere tweeting at the business or even blogging about the experience and finding yourself at your wits end, the Complain App is free to download for both iPhone and Android, and will conduct an all out social media attack. Go give’em hell!

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