Get Ready to Snuggle Up to Plush Talking Dalek or Glowing Tardis

Have you ever wanted to snuggle a Dalek? Certainly the real-life versions would be a little hard considering they are huge pieces of moving metal. But just recently that has changed because it has been turned into a squishy and cuddly doll for us to sleep and play with at night. Not only does this plush Dalek want to be your cuddly friend, it will also talk to you too!

One of the most iconic objects in sci-fi history, and now they can be your companion in bed and chatter too, because the Doctor Who Plush Dalek at any given time will say ‘Exterminate!’ and ‘You are an enemy of the Daleks, you must be destroyed!’ Certainly something soothing you want to hear when having some warm milk and reading on your Kindle while in bed.

If the Daleks are to scary for you, there is always the Doctor Who Plush Tardis. The Tardis won’t talk to you, but it does sport a working lamp! How’s that for a functional stuffed toy.

Both the Doctor Who Stuffed Tardis and Doctor Who Talking Daleks retail for £16.99 ( $28)

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