Facebook Adds Video Calling Feature with Skype

As if we needed yet another reason not to ever log off of Facebook, Facebook has just partnered with Skype for video calls. That means that you can now have video chats with your friends, right from within Facebook. This is a partnership that makes a lot of sense for both parties. For starters, it introduces Skype to Facebook’s user base of over 750 million people. But it’s not just a win-win for Skype, but for Facebook as well, since they now have a reliable video chat platform to depend on.

To that effect, Facebook has truly embedded Skype into their site. All users have to do to get started is make sure that their status is set to “online”. And if your friend isn’t available to chat at the moment, you can even opt to leave them a video message.

It was just a few weeks ago that Skype announced that their software now also offers the ability to instant message your Facebook friends and ‘Like’ and comment on their status updates – all from directly within Skype. So it seems that Facebook and Skype are getting along quite nicely. We have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more and more Facebook / Skype announcements.


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