Google Street View Car Spotted in NYC!

Look who we caught driving up the block today – Google’s Street View Car!  We spotted this pimped-out car with 15 lenses taking 360 degree images on West 47th street and Broadway in New York City.

So is NYC getting a refresh on their Street View images on Google? It certainly looks that way. As the Google Street View car rolled down the street, everyone was taking pictures of it and the driver was happy to oblige by giving a thumbs up.  So it’s almost a guarantee that one of these folks will make the cut to show up on Street View on this hot summer day.

The Google Street View car may look like a driving advertisement for Google, but it actually has 15 lenses that take 360 degree photos, a hard drive to store data, and lasers to capture 3D data – this gives it the ability to determine distances within the Street View feature, as well as the ability to catch cheating spouses and criminals…

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