Gresso Develops White iPhone 4 Lady Blanche, a Luxury Phone for Girls

Gresso is up-to their luxury phone  shenanigans again. Last month they came out with the time Machine series for iPhone 4 which took a regular iPhone 4 and packed diamonds, crystals and quartz clocks on to its back side. Now Gresso has come out with their iPhone 4 Time Machine – Part 2: iPhone 4 Lady Blanche. The concept here is similar to last month’s Time Machine phone, however, this time the iPhone 4’s backside has been replaced with three independent Swiss clocks for New York, London and Moscow time zones. These clocks are accompanied by boxes which hold diamonds!

There are actually two models in the collection to choose from – one made with white diamonds, and one made of Swarovski crystals. The Sarovski Crystals edition is of-course the poorer man’s option. The clocks located on the rear-panel of the Lady Blanche actually sport three decorative pearl dials that are decorated with white diamond made of 0.01 carats each – unless you go with the Swarovski model.

The design that Gresso has created with the Lady Blanche is all about having light expose the best features of the gems and crystals. And they have specially designed the the diamonds and Swarovski crystals to be freely moving inside the decorative dials so that the whole phone can really sparkle. To top it all off, the diamonds and crystals are highlighted by the soft glow of the natural Antillian mother-of-pearl La burgaudine, while the rear-panel of the phone is also framed in a solid diamond-coated mineral glass.

Gresso claims that it takes several hundreds hours to manufacture the clockworks that are located on the rear panel of the iPhone Lady Blanche. Which is just part of what helps them justify the high price tag on these phones. The white diamonds model will be available for $30,000, while the Swarovski crystal model will cost 7 grand and there will only be 150 units available. Better get’em while they’re hot!

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