Case-Mate Creatures Will Dress up the iPhone 4 for Halloween

Case-Mate has come out with a new collection of six adorable and very quirky iPhone 4 cases. The new Creatures collection is fun, whimsical, and down-right adorable. The creatures include three monsters that are perfect for Halloween, as well as three  adorable animals. There is Tit – a mummy, Monsta – a goofy spooky monster, Frank – as in Frankenstein, Waddler – a penguin, Gil – a Finding  Nemo-like fish, and Hoot – an owl. Each of the cases feature their own unique texture and bold color scheme. Some also have a cute key-chain for their tail. Each of the cases in the Case-Mate Creature Collection retail for $24.99.

Tut: Meet trouble’s best friend. Tut wraps the iPhone in plenty of bandaged layers. The raised bandages add texture, protection – and hide the scars from an unfortunate skateboarding accident. His one-eyed look may appear innocent, but we know he has a rough side.

Monsta: The goofy, yet spooky, Monsta has a knack for the uncanny. A character with no shortage of personality, Monsta adds a protective layer to cover and shield your iPhone. Elevated molded dots add a textured grip, while vibrant colors and intricate details complete the look. This is one Monsta you’ll want to keep close.

Frank: Creature’s resident grouch. His snarled mouth and half-open eyes keep strangers at a safe distance. The bumpy bright green texture makes for an easy-to-hold grip, while his unruly black hair provides a smooth touch. An innovative lay-flat design ensures the walls around Frank’s heart, and around the phone, are always up. It’s no wonder the neighborhood kids are scared of him.

Waddler: Ladies can’t get enough of this guy. From his smooth white under belly to his sophisticated black tails, he’s the hottest flightless bird on the block. The conceptual penguin design comes to life through its raised flipper, attached webbed feet keychain, contrasting colors and geometric lines. For a simple bird dressed in black and white, there’s never been more of a flurry of excitement.

Gil: She’s the eternal optimist of the sea. The happy-go-lucky Gil keeps your iPhone 4 swimming along. Radiating in bright orange, her raised fin and textured stripes make for an easy-to-hold grip, even in the roughest seas. Gil goes the extra nautical mile with an innovative lay flat design that protects the screen.

Hoot: He’s all brains and wants you to know it. Hoot outsmarts the iPhone 4 with a protective case. Light as a feather, Hoot snugly covers your phone with a genius fit. The textured case contrasts his smooth feathers for an easy-to-hold grip. Wide-eyed and hungry for knowledge, Hoot’s genius extends to the innovative lay flat design. It’s all about brainpower for this owl.

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