Loewe Individual 3D TV Looks Hot in Neon Pink

There is a good reason that Loewe has named one of their latest TVs, the “Individual 3D”. That is because this TV is all about individual customization. To that effect, you can choose the color of the TV’s insets. Available colors include metallised chrome, neon pink, ebony, blue, and more. You can also choose how to integrate the TV into your living space – you can hang it rather traditionally on the wall, or place fit on a screen lift,  or perhaps on one of Loewe’s racks.

But it’s not just the customization options and neat design that makes the Loewe’s Individual TV impressive. The TV also packs plenty of features under the hood. For starters, it’s a 3D TV that will work with Loewe Active 3D glasses, and it can even convert 2D content into  3D. It also features a built-in DVR with a 500GB capacity, it sports a display with LED technology, and a Loewe Subwoofer for lively bass, along with Loewe Sound Projector for 7.1 sound from a single speaker. But who are we kidding, you had us at neon pink!

The Loewe Individual 3D TV is available in several sizes including 55″, 46″, 40″, and 32″. Unfortunately the TV is only available overseas in Europe.

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